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Program description

Save money, stay on budget, save time, and plan healthy meals.

Eating a healthful Paleo diet and shopping from a Paleo diet food list on a budget is possible.

The Paleo on a Budget Guide is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s a 70-page interactive downloadable guide that shows you how to make healthy Paleo meals for yourself and your family while saving time and money. You can stick to your budget, find extra money, save time, and make Paleo work for you.

The Paleo on a Budget Guide isn’t just another e-book. This is an interactive guide with links to custom-created videos, audio files, bonus reading, and more. This guide is like a home study course on eating Paleo on a budget!

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  • A week’s worth of Paleo meals with receipts and photos


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Learn the secrets of grocery shopping on a budget for the Paleo diet with the Paleo on a Budget Guide by @robbwolf!

High quality cooking videos, budget shopping and money saving tricks, and a complete Paleo meal planning course!

Eating Paleo foods on a budget is possible! Learn the secrets of grocery shopping, meal planning and more!